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Magnisent is your partner in reaching your goals on the road to your digital future. We help you define a viable digital strategy, design well-performing solutions, run efficient implementation projects, and create a lean development organization.

Magnisent is built on more than 20 years of its founders' experience in the online industry. Working at international software development and consulting companies as developers, consultants, project managers, and team managers, we have gained a lot of valuable experience and knowledge that we are excited to use for the benefit of your organization.

We are based in Oslo, Norway, but happy to travel to wherever in the world you need us.


Digital Strategy

The endless possibilities of the digital world can be overwhelming. What should be focused on and in which order? Having worked in the IT industry with a close eye on the online technologies and trends since the 90s, we have the background knowledge and skills to help you analyze your needs and challenges, develop your digital vision, and define and prioritize the online activities to fulfill it.

Project Management

Our consultants have successfully managed IT projects of all sizes, including large implementation ventures lasting 6+ months involving many stakeholders and multiple teams distributed over several countries. Our project management experience combined with our technical background and passion for the agile way of working allows us to efficiently handle all phases of your IT project - from estimation and scoping to development and testing to release planning and go-live.

Solution Design

Robust and scalable solutions are crucial to any company with an online presence and ambition to grow their digital customer base. Magnisent has experience designing high-availablity solutions for large media houses. We know how to design cloud and in-house solutions and how to integrate the two.

Process Improvement

Lean and efficient processes, the right team structure, and proper tools can turn an underperforming team into a productive one, and a productive team into a hyperproductive one. Having shaped up development teams in many organizations (including distributed and offshore environments), we have the experience and knowledge to help you make the right choices and implement the changes.


Håkon Andreas Jensen

Håkon Andreas Jensen

Technology enthusiast with experience as developer, project manager, and team manager. Recently focusing on cloud technology and lean management.

Elen Kiisler

Elen Kiisler

Project and team manager with 20 years of experience in the online world. Passionate about lean software development and agile methodologies.


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